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ItemSherpa© Introduction is owned by Dutch, Amsterdam-registered Brown & Cie (DBA "ItemSherpa") with operations based in Changsha — the provincial capital of China's Hunan province. We employ just over 30 staff with some working close to six years. We're sure you'll appreciate their experience.
Through this website, Brown & Cie offers virtual items and provides third-party services in different online games.
Brown & Cie was incorporated August 2007 after two years being independent Lineage 2 traders based in the Dutch city of Groningen. It was formed by gamers wanting to serve the community by bringing high-levels items closer within reach.
Being gamers with an achievement or two, we welcome in-game matter and encourage customers to relay suggestions or feedback to support staff. What's more, we're available on-call 24 hours a day to help out with any questions you might have. Just give it a try: +441212881586
Although major change took place since being the first website introducing WoW Items for sale; we continue bringing the best equipment within reach to players across the globe. Sherpa's reference to the ethnic Tibetan tribe stands both testimony, hallmark and memory to this commitment.
UPDATE (30 April 2014): We've branched out!
Guild Wars 2 Items US, Guild Wars 2 Items EU, Elder Scrolls Online Gold and soon WildStar and EQN Platinum are now available.
With over 5000 registered users and 15 thousand orders processed we sincerely welcome you to
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